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Surge Protection Devices

V. Shield DC Power

DC_Power_Surge_Protector_for_Photovoltaic_System (1)

Applications: The LSG V.SHIELD DC Protector is installed at or within equipment such as DC power system,DC switchboard,DC distribution box,Electronic information system box,Output of second Power equipment. Our energy system SPD is designed to protect DC powered equipment, such as inverters and charge controllers used in photovoltaic systems from damage caused by lightning.

It utilizes high energy metal oxide varistors and specialized fuses optimized to conduct transient current without opening. This series is available in various operating voltages so it can be customized to your application.



  • DIN rail mounting for easy installation;
  • Plug connectors for quick and easy connection or rewiring
  • Thermal disconnect device;
  • Remote alarm ;
  • Front panel LEDs for status indication
  • All modes protected: + to -, + to Gnd, – to Gnd