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  • Mail: info@lsgprotect.com
  • Mail: info@lsgprotect.com
ESE Lightning Arresters

LSC Reckon

LSC Reckon is a highly sensitive six and seven digit lightning detection device to measure and record the number of lightning strikes in certain areas with thunderstorm. Usually used with ESE and conventional lightning protection terminals.



  • A detection device and tool to measure and record the number of lightning strikes in certain areas with thunderstorm
  • Usually used together with other types of lightning rod



  • high sensitivity and accurate count
  • zero maintenance as our counters are all Mechanical type
  • Wide dynamic range, strong anti-jamming ability
  • Small size and easy installation
  • IP 66 Water Proof Enclosure
  • Well-structured, stable and reliable performance
  • Convenient to use and install
  • Sophisticated Technology For Longest Working Life.


Installation Diagram

Technical Parameter:

Model RCK-6
Working voltage 3.6V (built-in battery)
Action current response 2KA
Current sampling modes Coil induction (Inductive shunt)
Counting display 0-999999
Installation dimension 45*26*70mm
Mounting bracket Fixed
Housing material Anti-flaming plastic/dust & water resistant
IP Level IP65
Working conditions Temperature: -40 to 80℃

For Warranty register the product and Bill details to www.lsgprotect.com/registration


Safety Caution:

  • Shall be installed by authorized professionals
  • Keep power cut off and hot-line work forbidden when installing in case of accidents and bad using effect caused by false installation.